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Are You Ready To Export?

Entering into the export market through an existing business may seem like an obvious way to increase your current revenue. In many cases, it is a viable means of expanding a business, and generating greater income. However, it is important to consider the logistics, timing and practicalities before jumping into the unknown.

Exporting can extend your market, boost your turnover and prevent you having too great a dependence on your based customers. But it isn”t always an easy option. Starting to export poses a whole new set of challenges, from identifying promising markets and customers to ensuring that you can fulfil your export contracts. Developing new export markets takes time and money.

Exporting isn”t simply an add-on to your existing business. It should be part of an overall strategy to develop the business. Before you start exporting, it”s worth making sure you”ve developed a complete export plan looking at all the costs and risks involved. A well planned extension overseas can bring financial and reputational success, but a rushed job may just cause more damage than it is worth.

Planning is key, so consider the following before making any decisions:

Exporting presents all the normal challenges of marketing in Egypt – it”s up to you to find customers and convince them to buy from you. Understanding the market and its requirements is very important. Don’t assume that because you know the domestic market, you automatically know foreign ones.

Exporting is usually a way of growing a successful business, rather than an easy way out for one that”s in trouble. If you”re struggling with limited finances or overworked employees, you may not have the resources to take on the extra work.

As an international business, you will need to cope with extra logistical problems, contractual issues and paperwork. You”ll probably want a contract drawn up using internationally recognised terms and conditions and standard commercial practices to make it clear what your responsibilities are.

There”s also a range of paperwork for sorting out transport, customs clearance and payments. These may take more time and effort than you expect, and must be dealt with in meticulous detail.

You need to comply with regulations in any country. For example, some goods that are allowed in the egypt might not satisfy another country”s standards.

Exporting demands additional resources, both in terms of financing and skilled personnel. Be prepared for your expenditure on staff and expert advice and services to increase significantly before you start to see the benefits

With the additional costs, such as international transport, you may find you simply can”t compete with local suppliers. If the market only offers low margins, or you haven”t got the resources you need, you may decide that exporting isn”t for you. Make sure that you plan carefully and know that you could present a competitive product or service overseas.

Equally, if you”ve got a good product to offer and a well-run business, the chances are there will be opportunities for you out there in the export market. If the rewards you expect justify the investment and the risks, you should commit to your export plan and make it happen.

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