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Great reasons to export your products

Adding international to your business will only bring good things and the risk is no greater than running an E-Commerce domestically. Neglecting to export could actually hurt your business: foreign companies will eventually penetrate your domestic market and offer more competition. By taking your product abroad, you bring the competition to foreign businesses in your sector on your terms.

In the event you decide to sell your business (to launch a new one, we’re sure), exporting can dramatically add value to your current business. Your intellectual property will be better protected by claiming copyright internationally, and your personal skills as a marketer and entrepreneur will be enriched with excellent new skills.


Companies that export are 17% more profitable than companies that stay domestic.
Exporting can help smooth over seasonal slowdowns.
Exporting improves your business skills by adding new domains of expertise.
Adding new international markets can help use your production capacity to its maximum.
By integrating into foreign markets, you help defend your domestic market.
Competing globally means you’ll reach more than just 5% of the world’s population.
Exporting allows you to improve the value of your intellectual property by claiming it internationally.
If you decide to sell your business, exporting adds more value to it.

Exporting internationally can be intimidating– but it shouldn’t be. With the amount of profit to be made and the visibility available outside of the US, internationalizing your E-commerce should be a priority. There’s nothing stopping you from seizing this opportunity.


Exporting can be complicated, and it’s hard to know where to start. Your plan should be logical and clear so that you can apply it to each step of your business. Going international doesn’t have to be difficult, despite all the details to think about.

It’s important to know as much as you can about your target market. Your new customers will consume in different ways, be used in different communication strategies, and have a completely different way of life. Knowing the profile of your target customers is key to being able to reach them.

Knowing the target country’s laws and regulations will save you a lot of trouble as well. It’s absolutely necessary to know exactly how much to pay in taxes and import fees, and whether or not you’ll have to pass those fees on to your customers.

Understanding your target culture and language is fantastic, but if that’s not possible- getting a professional to help is the best solution. Don’t be afraid to talk to local experts and local consumers to better understand their demands and whether or not your product will be successful.

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