Peanut With Crisp&Chocolate Coated Caramel-Rito Bar
COVERTINA – Peanut-Crisp, Chocolate &Caramel |

COVERTINA – Peanut-Crisp, Chocolate &Caramel |


Sold by COVERTINA COMPANY Manufacturing chocolate and sweets

COVERTINA – Peanut-Crisp, Chocolate &Caramel |
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COVERTINA A tasty bar of crunchy peanuts, chewy caramel and smooth chocolate. These tasty Peanut Caramel bars are low in sugar and carbs, giving you a delicious, chocolate-covered treat. Rich, creamy milk chocolate covers a peanut filling and a creamy caramel layer, giving you a satisfying snack that will keep you going between meals. Gives you tasty alternatives to sugary, sweet treats, and supports you with any low carb, low sugar lifestyle.

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