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Egypt e-market B2B

B2B E-COMMERCE Your Way To Success

A business-to-business, or B2B, business model is one in which a company sells their products first to another business, which will then often sell the product at a retail store at a marked up price. In traditional B2B eCommerce, One seller engages in digital commerce with multiple buyers. A B2B marketplace brings together multiple buyers […]

New export support program

New Export Support Program in Egypt

The program is part of the Ministry of Trade and Industry strategy to double exports and bring in around $100 billion annually, as well as boosting exports to foreign markets as a main source of foreign currency for the Egyptian economy. The program also aims to raise employment rates in various industries to absorb the […]

HS Code Scaled

What is HS Code? HS Code Usage

HS stands for Harmonized System. It was developed by the WCO (World Customs Organization) as a multipurpose international product nomenclature that describes the type of good that is shipped. Today, customs officers must use HS code to clear every commodity that enters or crosses any international borders. HS Code StructureThe HS code can be described […]


Great reasons to export your products

Adding international to your business will only bring good things and the risk is no greater than running an E-Commerce domestically. Neglecting to export could actually hurt your business: foreign companies will eventually penetrate your domestic market and offer more competition. By taking your product abroad, you bring the competition to foreign businesses in your […]

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